Simply Sold services all types of relocation and home sale needs.

At Simply Sold, we understand you don’t just need a REALTOR®. For the same price you would pay a regular real estate agent to sell your home, you get our entire team to help you from start to finish. There are three key differences that make Simply Sold the go-to solution during your transition. Our experts, our six step process, and our mission encompass our commitment to you.

Our Experts

SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialists), Medicaid Experts who can work with your Medicaid team, Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS), Social Workers (MSWs), Direct Concierge Support and more… the Simply Sold team is put together to meet the needs you are facing in this transition.

Our 6 Step Process

  • Connect Contact us for your free consultation and we will connect you to one of our team members who is eager to get started with your plan!
  • Plan Together, with our team, you will help us come up with a plan of action and package that best suits your personal needs during this transition time.
  • Agree We will present you with your final plan and agreement on our duties to put into action.
  • Action The fun part! Our team will get you set up and started on the things you need to do to ensure a successful transition for you and your family.
  • Follow-through Our concierge service will be with you every step of the way while your plan is being executed.
  • Freedom Success! Your plan has finished and you are ready to begin your new adventure.

Our Mission

Everyone on our team has a passion for helping seniors and their families transition. Many of us have been in your shoes, and we do what we do because we care. That comes across in the feedback we get from our clients and their families, referral partners, and members of the care team.

No stress.
No hassle.
Just Simply Sold.

You have enough on your plate. Work with a team that can assist your family during their transition so you can focus on what matters most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ list below will help answer some of your more common questions.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. We encourage you to set up a complimentary call with one of our Specialists who can do a full assessment to determine the right package for you.

How do you charge for your services?

If we are selling your house, you only pay the typical realtor fee. If you are not selling your home, we can provide an upfront cost for consultative services to match your needs

How do you communicate during the process?

Communication is essential to us! Our top priority to our customers in making sure they understand everything that is going on through our process. We use email, text, phone, and in person (when applicable) communication to best serve our clients.

I’m overwhelmed and I’m not sure which service is best for me.

Not a problem. We are here to assist in finding what service fits you best for your unique situation. Please set up a complimentary call with one of our team members who can assist you in finding a solution for your needs.

I am not sure if I want to sell quickly or fix up my property, can you help?

Absolutely, we will talk with you about your goals and objectives and help you strategize about the best approach to take.

If I’m already working with a Realtor, do I have to change to someone from the Simply Sold team?

Not necessarily. Call us to discuss your options.

What does “concierge support” mean?

Concierge support is our way of providing personalized support for the individual needs of each of our customers. There are a lot of moving parts when selling a house and moving; we try to take as much of the burden as we can off by providing this extra layer of support.

Do you provide Medicaid Planning?

We provide Medicaid compliant real estate transactions, but we do not provide planning. We can connect you with someone who can if you aren’t already working with an attorney or Medicaid Planner.

How long does this process take?

Depending on the package/strategy used, it can be completed as soon as two weeks. Typically the biggest hold up is getting a clear to close from title.

I am trying to sell a property that wasn’t probated, can you help?

Yes we can. If you have the legal right to sell, we will help you get the Affidavits of Heirship or other needed documents you need to close.

I serve the elderly. Can you help me work with one of my elderly clients?

Yes we can. We work with Medicaid Planners, Elder Law Attorneys, Social Workers, Long Term Care professionals and more to help get their clients the help they need.

I am an investor interested in signing up to bid on properties. Where can I do that?

We have very specific requirements to be able to bid on properties, mainly an ability to close quickly and an understanding that our clients sometimes need concessions to make the transaction work for them. Contact us HERE to sign up to learn more.

I have a family member who recently passed away and I am looking for an easy and quick way to sell their property. Can you help family members as well?

Of course. We are happy to work with family members and put together a plan that fits your needs. We have a team of experts ready to help get your loved one’s property sold quickly.

Our Certifications

Staying true to our passion in helping seniors and their families during this transition process, Simply Sold prides ourselves in maintaining standards of excellence that adhere to the two major REALTORⓇ specialty designations/certifications.

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and Certified Relocation Transition Specialists (CRTS) provide the highest level of knowledge regarding information on market trends and economic issues that affect homebuyers and sellers over the age of 50. You can rest assured that as SRES & CRTS certified team members are creating a successful plan for you, they are highly qualified in how best to meet the needs of seniors when selling, buying or refinancing residential or investment properties. They aim to simplify and support the customized needs for all situations.

CRTS™ – The objective of the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist™ is to set a foundation of industry standards for Late Life Home Transitions. Individuals with this certification have gone above and beyond their licensed training and, although not required, have chosen to obtain this specific certification because of their passion in the industry. These professionals are here to help and support seniors and their families as they relocate and transition. The CRTS™ body of individuals have a firm understanding of the social, medical, and emotional aspects that occur during late life changes. 

The SRES designation, created by the National Association of Realtors®, is an optional designation that a real estate professional chooses to specialize in. The professionals of this designation have a keen interest in providing resources, knowledge, and support to clients aged 50+. The training that SRES professionals participate in ensures that they are able to tailor the home buying or selling experience to each individual. With a wide resource base of network professionals, knowledge of the specific financial needs of seniors, and a no-pressure approach, SRES real estate agents are committed to providing a customized experience for now and with the future in mind.

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